Is a Scam!

Fraudulent online practices have become the norm nowadays because of the widespread use of the internet. With more and more people now shifting online for different purposes and activities, it has provided criminals with a big playground and they have lots of tricks up their sleeves that can be used for trapping people and making away with their money. In the last decade alone, the number of cybercrimes and scams has gone up significantly and they have become quite a common occurrence. These fraudsters are able to get away with it easily because the victims are either too ashamed to speak up about it, or have absolutely no idea what to do.

There was a time when there wasn’t anything that you could really do about the scams. But, things have changed over the years and now there are services that exist solely for the purpose of providing scam recovery services to individuals who have been victimized by online frauds and scams. You no longer have to just accept and move on because there is an option that you can use for getting your money back. After all, it is your money and you shouldn’t let someone else get away with it.

A quick Google search will tell you that there are multiple scam recovery services to be found and each claims to be better than the rest. Nevertheless, it is vital for you to be careful and not just pick any of these services because this could also be a scam. In fact, it could be the perfect scam as people are usually desperate to get help and they may not dig in too deep and just reach out to the first service they find. A lot of scammers are already using this to their advantage and is the perfect example. LTD is also a scam recovery service, which is based in Israel, and promises to assist those who have been involved in different kinds of online scams. However, this doesn’t mean that they are what they claim to be and you will come to see the red flags soon enough.

  • Lack of information about the process

The first problem that most people will have with is that they don’t really provide you with any information as to how they will go about dealing with your case. Since you have been scammed already, they should do everything possible to reassure you and should be transparent about how they can assist you. All they say is that they can track the scammers through some loose ends and get your They just expect you to accept what they state, something that a victim of a scam is not likely to do. Any legitimate company wouldn’t have a problem in sharing how they will go about tracking the scammers and recovering your money, but is not really concerned about it.

  • Spelling mistakes and other errors

Have you ever read tips on how to spot online scams? If you have ever done so, then you are probably aware that one of the biggest signs of a scam is that there will be spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in their content. After all, they are not a professional service and not in it for the long haul; their only job is to attract clients temporarily, trap them, scam them and then disappear. With, you will discover that they have plenty of these errors on their website. This should immediately send up a red flag because they are a company that claims to fight fraudsters and yet they are showing the signs that you usually find in a scam. If you check out their About Us section, you will easily find several errors and mistakes that can warn you.

  • Lack of any evidence

When you are thinking about using a company’s services, wouldn’t you want to see some evidence of what they have done so far? It is perfectly normal for clients to want to know what the company has achieved because it reassures them that they are not making a mistake. Therefore, if you visit an authentic website, you will usually find the company highlighting all they have done so far. But, with, you will not find any such thing.

Sure, they have made plenty of statements about helping clients in recovering from different kinds of scams, but the evidence is missing. They should have details about their achievements like the amounts they have recovered, the scammers they helped find or even the number of cases they have dealt with. This lack of evidence is worrying because it is a red flag and not something a professional company would do.

  • Lack of employee information

At, you will come across them talking about having an experienced staff that has worked in different financial institutions and banks. This is all the employee information you will find. They don’t provide you with any other details about who will be the individual handling your case. You just have to believe they worked at some bank or financial institution, which makes them capable of handling your case. This seems far-fetched and is a red flag because they should provide you more details about their team.

If not names, they can provide details about their background because this can reassure people that they are in capable hands. But, they have not bothered to do so and this is something you need to be concerned about. If was an actual firm, they wouldn’t have a problem in sharing the certifications and credentials of their team members to reassure and satisfy their clients.

Once you identify all these red flags on the website, it is best for you to steer clear of their services. They are only another kind of scam and will just take your money and disappear, something you don’t want to go through once again.