Action Refund is a Scam!

No matter what product or service you are availing on the internet, it is always advised that you remain cautious. Why is this so? This is mostly because the internet is known as a hotbed for scams, frauds and other similar schemes that are designed with the purpose of exploiting those who lack awareness. These schemes could steal your information and then use it for nefarious reasons, or they could outright walk away with your money and leave you empty-handed. Such frauds and scams have become notorious and have made a lot of people wary about doing anything online.

How To Get Your Money Back From Scammers?

Want to get your money back from a scam?
Fill in the contact form on the page in this link and you will be able to get help in recovering your lost funds! You will be walked through the entire recovery process by a representative of a recommended fund recovery service after which a case will be opened for you by a case manager.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t buy anything on the internet or participate in any activity? Aren’t there any legitimate options out there? Indeed, there are some professional and reliable options that do exist, but people find it difficult to trust them because of the possibility of scams. The biggest problem with online frauds is that there is no way for victims to get any help. Sure, people got scammed before the internet existed, but they usually had proper authorities where the incident could be reported and there was a possibility of recovery as well. However, this is not applicable in the case of online frauds and scams and this can be a problem.

A lot of people are frustrated by this fact and they are looking for ways that can fix this issue. Taking advantage of this need, some companies have been established, which claim to help those who are struggling with the aftermath of being scammed. You will find a number of these options nowadays and one of them is known as Action Refund. Their purpose is clearly understandable from their name; they claim of taking action on behalf of those who have become victims of some scam and get them a refund for the money they have lost.

Obviously, this sounds like a blessing because most people don’t really have any other option and may be desperate to get back their money. When Action Refund states that it has the experience, tools and other resources needed for getting a refund, people will certainly be tempted because they don’t want to face the consequences of being defrauded. But, this doesn’t mean that you should just trust them and sign up for their services. After all, this is how scammers get to people; they exploit their need and pretend to provide them a solution to their problems, only to disappear later.

The problem that you will spot with Action Refund is that in order to help you, they don’t just ask you to provide information and details related to the scam. Oddly enough, they ask you to share your personal information as well, which shouldn’t be relevant at all. Moreover, you will be asked to pay for their services as well, which sounds reasonable, but are they offering any guarantee to you? How can you be sure they will be able to help you and are not just a scam themselves? To know the answer, you have to figure out if there are any issues with the company.

As far as Action Refund is concerned, you will come to know that there are plenty of problems and it is best to not fall for their trappings. What are these problems? Read on to know:

  • Action Refund doesn’t provide any verification details

As stated earlier, Action Refund asks you to share your information with them, along with information about your scam case, before they are ready to help you. According to them, you first have to provide these details and then they will make up their mind about whether they can help you or not. They claim that they will verify the information and see if you have a proper case and a solution can be provided. But, if that’s the case and they need to confirm the details of the scam, then why are they asking you to provide your personal information?

Why do you need to share your name, number, address and other sensitive information with them? If they decide not to take your case, they will simply have access to your information and this is not what you want. Apart from that, they have claimed that they want to verify all the information, but there is no detail about HOW this verification is done. Most scammers make sure there are no traces left behind, so how will Action Refund do their job? What tools are they going to use? How will they confirm that you have a case? What is their criteria? There are no answers and this makes it a massive problem.

  • Action Refund has made false consultation claims

One of the most prominent things that will stand out on Action Refund’s website when you check it out is the fact that they are offering free consultations to their clients. This automatically reassures people because only legitimate businesses will ever do so, but the key is to follow up a claim and verify it. When you do that, you will discover that you are only being misled because the company doesn’t really offer a free consultation. To start with, the only way you can get this ‘free’ consultation is after you have divulged all your information.

That really renders the consultation moot because if you have already shared everything before, why go for a consultation? It would sound more logical if Action Refund asked for the information after a consultation session because people would have made up their minds about whether they want to pursue the matter or not. But, the opposite seems to be happening here and this is a big concern. Next, even though the website clearly advertises that it is a free consultation, it is not really free. In their Privacy Policy, the business has mentioned that there is a commission applicable and their fees for services is separate.

If they are going to charge a commission, then it means that the consultation is not free. Hence, the company is clearly misleading people or lying outright, which it wouldn’t do if it was an authentic firm. The whole point is to trap people and they seem to be doing a pretty good job of it.

  • Action Refund is vague about their services and fees

A big sign of an authentic company is that they are open and straightforward about every aspect of their service. They will tell you everything upfront and this is what you would expect from Action Refund as well because they have claimed to be genuine. You are in for a world of disappointment because they are not transparent at all. As stated above, they don’t provide any information about their verification process and neither have they mentioned that the consultation is not free. But, this is just the beginning because there are plenty of other things they haven’t disclosed.

If you scour their website, you will notice that it gives off the impression that Action Refund is an experienced service and has been getting refunds on behalf of its customers for years. They certainly want you to believe that, but if you dig a little deeper, you will come to know that they were only established in October, 2019. This means that they have only been around for a year, which means they are relatively inexperienced and haven’t been doing this for a long time. While you can use a new service, it is not a good idea to use one that’s trying to give off a false impression.

You might think that they would disclose their registration details and background under the About Us section on their website, but they seem to have skipped this part altogether. The next problem is that while you are aware that you have to pay a commission and fee for using their services, Action Refund has chosen not to mention any details about their charges or how they are calculated. Will they take a percentage from your refund? Do they have fixed charges? What factors do they consider before calculating said charges? There are no answers.

This is not something to ignore because how can you opt for a service without knowing how much it will cost you at the end of the day? No one wants to end up with a huge list of charges and you want to know before going in, if you can even afford it or not.

  • Action Refund has two domain names

Domain names are of the utmost importance for any online business in today’s competitive world. The recognition of a business depends on these names, as do their branding, marketing and advertising. Every business is after a unique domain name that they can use for engaging their clients and retaining them. Therefore, it is not surprising that businesses go to great lengths to protecting their domain names as much as possible. Logically, Action Refund should also be doing the same.

With a proper domain name, people will be able to find them easily and they will get the right kind of recognition. Thus, it is extremely shocking to discover that Action Refund actually has two instead of a single domain name. Why would a company do that knowing that it will confuse their clientele? Wouldn’t you want your clients to find you easily and be able to recognize you without a problem? Having two domain names is very risky because some people will get confused and may decide not to use the company altogether because they are unsure of which one is authentic, if any.

Action Refund has two domain names, which are and Yes, there are similarities, but in regard to domain names, even slight similarities can make a big difference. Any business that wants to attract clients and retain them for the long-run wouldn’t make this kind of mistake.

  • Action Refund doesn’t provide any case details

Online frauds and scams are no small matter. Most of them have gotten quite sophisticated over time, which has made them difficult to identify and even more difficult to track. Consequently, it is understandable that you would want someone experienced to deal with this matter. Action Refund claims that it has handled a lot of cases on behalf of their clients and these are related to different types of scams. On their website, they state that their services are available to anyone who is a victim of a binary options scam, crypto or forex scam, online trading scam or online dating scams.

Obviously, you would want to see details of the cases they have dealt with in these areas. A legitimate company would provide insights to help reassure its potential clients, but you will find no such information available on Action Refund’s website. The only thing you will see is that they claim to have recovered big amounts for their customers. These are just a bunch of numbers that have been published on their website and there are no client names or case details provided with these figures. Anyone can write some numbers together and make claims about them.

If they have really recovered these funds, Action Refund should at least provide some information. No details about clients is available either. Furthermore, if you go over the customer testimonials section, even that will be quite unhelpful because the reviews appear to be generic and don’t really have anything to offer. In addition, they seem to have been posted from fake accounts because not one of them has a display picture, which is highly unlikely, given that people are constantly taking pictures with their phones.

When the company has this many problems, it is apparent that you cannot just take their word for anything. Action Refund may try to lure you in by promising to help you get back your stolen money, but it is not worth it to risk your information and more money because they don’t appear to be a legitimate entity themselves.

How To Get Your Money Back From Scammers?

Want to get your money back from a scam?
Fill in the contact form on the page in this link and you will be able to get help in recovering your lost funds! You will be walked through the entire recovery process by a representative of a recommended fund recovery service after which a case will be opened for you by a case manager.

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