OakfortRecovery.com is a scam!

I have been seeing a rise in money recovery services in recent years. Looking at the increasing scam incidents, I am thankful to these services that they are trying to protect new and innocent online traders and investors from getting scammed. You might think that you can’t be scammed, but I ask you to watch out. Today’s scams are unlike those a decade ago. They were not as inconspicuous as the ones today. Today’s scams will make you believe anything and you will be convinced to shell out, if not a huge portion, a small portion of the money you have saved for investments.

However, I have also seen a new problem emerging on the scene, which is of subpar or completely fake money recovery services. In other words, those who are claiming to save you money are also the ones who will make you spend even more money. I might be going over the top here but I think that’s another trick that online scammers are playing on you. There is a reason why there are services like Oakfort Recovery on the internet and they are getting so much fame. If you look at the services of this company and its feature, you will realize that it offers you nothing special. S

I have a lot to say about Oakfort Recovery and I am going to say that in this review. I hope I can make you think twice before you sign up with this company to get your money back from online scammers.

They Hide Facts

Before you get to know about any money recovery service on the internet, I want you to pay attention to a few things. If you signed up with a legitimate online broker and somehow the money taken from your account was more than you had expected, call them up yourself. After hearing so much about online scams, you can become paranoid at times. However, you are not always getting scammed. Even legitimate brokers on the internet can make mistakes. At times, the system has a fault and your account gets debited with more money than you expected.

However, the online companies that are providing you with services to get your money back should be giving you this advice first. They should tell you that your case might not be a case of a scam. You might have become a victim of a glitch in the system. At the same time, some brokers do not show you everything at first. What I am trying to say is that they have fees and commissions associated with your deposits and withdrawals. However, once you sign up with them, you agree to pay those fees. In other words, they are not really scamming you.

Yes, they are being a bit sketchy about it because they don’t show you that information clearly, but they are not scamming you. All in all, the first thing you should do after being a victim of an unpleasant scenario is to call the company that has taken your money. I have seen the website of Oakfort Recovery and nowhere did I find any information about customers calling their companies before hiring money recovery professionals.

They Are Not Facilitating

The first thing I expect from a company that I am going to eventually pay for providing me money recovery services is to make things easy for me. As someone who has been scammed recently, I would not want to be a part of any hassle. I want the company to facilitate me in every way possible. However, that’s not the case with this company. The first thing I hate about the company is that it has very limited customer support department hours. My friend, I am someone with a daytime job. I don’t even get Saturdays off. You can’t expect me to call you during my work hours.

Even if I call you during my work hours once, I won’t be able to do that over and over. How about you become a bit flexible with your customer support timings? Or, how about you make your customer support 24/7 so I can tell without being worried that you will not pick up my call at all? These are the things that online companies like Oakfort Recovery should really be paying attention to. However, Oakfort Recovery does not pay attention to it at all.

They Are Pushy

I am a consumer of the internet in 2021. You can’t expect me to not know things that affect me on a day to day basis on the internet. I know when you are shoving an ad in my face and I know when you are trying to be stealthy by inserting an ad within the article I am reading. So, when you are pushy with your “contact us” thing, I know that instantly. I think the company offers nothing on its website for me. After every single sentence, they just want me to contact them. But how will I contact you when I don’t even know what services you provide?

If you notice on the website, they have a section that is supposed to talk about their services. In that section, you expect them to tell you what services they provide. However, they again push the “contact us” thing in your face. There is nothing wrong with putting a few CTAs on the website, but don’t be too pushy about it. I feel like you are pushing me from the back to enter a train that I don’t want to be on. Give me some info, or how about you get my number and call me back? I know they have this feature, but why aren’t they pushy about it?

Final Thoughts

I think this company still has a long way to go. It does not really have all the great features that many other money recovery service providers have right now. The competition is tough because there are too many contenders. In short, you have a lot of options to pick from. Don’t think Oakfort Recovery is your only option to get your money back.