The crypto scams are not something that is fooling the commoners and unsuspecting users only. These scams have grown so complicated and advanced that they have started to affect the professionals of the industry. One such scam was recently noted on the MetaMask- a digital wallet service provider platform. It seems that scammers are using Google docs to get inside information about the credentials of the users. 

After receiving some reports, the MetaMask management has tweeted, issuing a warning to its users about the phishing attack that has gained a few followers. This elaborate attempt at scamming crypto holders is posing as a support-providing page that takes the users to the Google sheets. The scammers have created a fake instant support page to fool the users, prompting them to disclose their secret recovery phrase to the scammers.

The Digital Wallet Service Providers Warn Users against the Phishing Attack Attempts

Due to the timely response of one user named Daniel Anderson, the MetaMask management came to know about the new type of crypto scam. The scammers have created a fake page extension of the user website, and they are giving people an impression that they are offering them instant support services for the crypto enterprise.

However, the MetaMask team has told their followers to avail support only from the Get Help option available on their mobile application. Anderson, who reported the phishing attack attempt to the service, warns that there is no such page called “instant support” that is affiliated with the service. Thankfully, very few people have fallen prey to the scam, and it has been exposed to the public without wasting any time.

The Crypto Scammers have Duped Founder of Nexus Mutual blockchain with Phishing Attack

As reported by Cointelegraph, the crypto scams have become more complicated and detailed. The scammers are constructing phishing attacks that generate co-opted seed phrases. The hackers can gain access to the digital wallets of their victims with these co-opted seed phrases. The founder of the Nexus Mutual blockchain ended up falling for such a precarious scam.

Hugh Karp from Nexus Mutual ended up transferring $8 million worth of Nexus Mutual tokens to the scammer’s account without realizing that it was a defrauding attempt. These attacks have increased recently as the massive gains from cryptocurrency are broadcasted on a public level. A very small number of people can distinguish between legitimate and fake crypto services and stay safe.