The Delhi Police took K.K. Singh into custody over charges pressed by a Nepal student. K.K. Singh is the father of world-renowned climate change activist Licypriya Kangujam. Kangujam is only nine years old, and she has taken on the mission of raising awareness about the dire impacts of climate change. The child activist has addressed United Nations and also met with her Swiss counterpart, Greta Thunberg.

His father, although, is another story altogether; he is the chairperson of the United Nations Organization called IYC or International Youth Committee. The IYC provides an option for middle-class students to attend a conference and meet with influential persons like ministers and key business persons. A WhatsApp group comprised of 90 students from Nepal, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Bhutan, and India has been claiming that they have been scammed by IYC.

Kangujam Claims that She has Set up a Bitcoin Account to Collect Funds for Oxygen Deficiency in India

Many people are claiming that Kangujam might be used by his father to further his agenda. The huge number of awards and certifications that she receives are endowed by the organizations that are associated with his father. The child has also taken a willful one-year sabbatical from her studies to raise awareness about the ongoing climate change in the region. 

She has also set up a one-crore charity initiative that would be used for helping out the victims who are unable to get access to oxygen cylinders. Many people are concerned that the social media pages she uses need parental consent for the operation. Therefore, she might be used by her father to commit a massive fraud. The fund has already collected about 75 lakhs in Indian rupees.

Several students have claimed that the first conference organized by IYC in Sri Lanka was also supported by the local government. Several ministers from different countries attended the conference. Rounds of five more such conferences were arranged by the IYC for the same year. Many students who found the experience to be good paid for all five events in advance.

However, these events started to get postponed, and no further dates were given by the organizers. The IYC has recently distanced itself from Singh, claiming that he is not with the organization since March. On the other hand, Kangujam has been approached by the Harvard International Review, where she claimed that she planted about 350,000 trees in her life in different parts of India. It is not clear that how much funding has been sent to her Bitcoin wallet.