The investXE is a crypto trading platform that claims to be the legitimate exchange market since 2020. However, the origins and management of the company are unknown thus far. A few weeks ago, the investors who were using the platform started to register complaints about the services that are provided by the platform.

The trading platform is seemingly new, and investors are unable to get access to the details about the owners or the founders of the platform. It is not wrong to imagine that it is highly likely that the platform is operated by bad actors and questionable authorities. As per reports received by Mail, investors can’t access their accounts anymore.

The Platform Sends their Users Death Threats for Posting Negative Comments

The story behind the shady figures managing the InvestXE platform runs deep. The platform is said to be operated by threat actors or criminals who do not have the best interest of their investors at heart. These threat actors ran away with a massive amount of crypto reserves.

One user of the platform who was not happy with their services took to Trustpilot to share his bad experience with other users. However, rather than contacting the unsatisfied customer with an apology, InvestXE users approached them with kill threats. The victim quickly reported the incident to the West Merica police department.

At present, the website has been frozen, and the investors are unable to access their accounts on InvestXE. There has not been any sort of communication from the site management authorities. The website claims to have around 100,000 consumers from 170 countries across the world. The police have confirmed that the threat actors were operating the scam website outside of UK.

The website claims to have an office established 150 miles away from Grenadines Financial Authorities. The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has been trying to implement more austere crypto regulation in the region. An ongoing public campaign called Nail the Scammers have also urged the government to fish out all such threat actors from the region to protect the public interest.