TitanFundRecovery.com is a scam!

So, I am telling you from my personal experience that losing your money in the hands of a fraud is not a very pleasing experience. Yes, I know you know that too, but when I say this, I say it with my heart. The moment you realize that you have been scammed, a lot of things shatter in front of your eyes. For example, you lose the confidence to trade or purchase anything online again, you feel desperate that you can’t do anything about your money, and you feel unsafe for the rest of your life. It is a feeling I cannot describe in words.

Now, when you have been scammed, the biggest ray of hope for you is an online service that can help you with funds recovery. Luckily, we are living in a time where we can find a lot of online services that help recover funds for customers. Upon some research, I was able to find Titan Fund Recovery. When you look at the website of this company, you have to agree that it has been made pretty professionally. However, it is not until you try its service that you realize that things are not what they seem they are. I had high hopes with this company, but they all end in disappointment. Here is how.

I Did Not Feel Listened To

The first thing you expect from a company that is offering you a helping hand is to listen to you. When you are in a situation where you have lost your money and it seems there is nothing you can do about it, the presence of a company that can help is nothing less than a revelation. However, my revelation and blessing turned into a nightmare when I had to speak to the experts from the company. I thought I would call them, tell them my story, and get help accordingly. However, what happened was the exact opposite.

While talking to the experts on the other side of the call, I felt as though they were rushing through the process. It seemed as though they were tired of talking to hundreds of people like me and just wanted to get over with me. To tell you the truth, the way I was scammed, I thought I would take me at least 15 minutes to tell the whole story. Nope! I was quite wrong. They did not let me speak for more than a minute and then said they would call back. I never got any call.

I Don’t Think They Have Professionals

One of the biggest expectations I had from this company was that I was going to get help from professionals. After many months of researching and finally finding the right company (it’s not Titan Fund Recovery), I can tell you a few things as your guide. Getting your money back from online scams is not easy. You can’t really intimidate them when they are located on the other side of the world. Secondly, you usually end up signing contracts when you agree to use their services that don’t really go in your favor when you file a dispute.

To tackle with a complex situation like this, you need financial experts and lawyers on your side. The company you sign up with for recovering your funds should have these professionals on the payroll. I did not think this company had them. When I talked to the so-called consultants, I thought they were interns who were given the job of listening to me on the phone and forward the written notes to some real professional. Well, it did not really help much.

They Can Be Slow

Even after I had explained everything and told them which company had defrauded me, I was not responded to in a timely manner. I have heard and experienced that when an online company charges something on your credit card, you only have a certain amount of time to claim a chargeback. If you don’t do that in time, you can’t really file a claim at all. The speed at which this company was moving, I felt that I was going to exhaust that time eventually. I did not receive a follow-up call for four days after I first called the company.

I wanted fast results. Okay, I agree that I was being impatient at that time. But what do you expect from someone who had lost all of his lifesavings to an online scam in an attempt to make a fortune out of that money through trading? I had lost everything. I could not wait to get my money back from the robbers. Well, after four days, I was told that my case was not strong enough. Why couldn’t they tell me that on the first call? What’s the point of waiting so long to tell this?

The Customer Support Needs Improvement

First of all, the FAQs section of the website is really messed up. When you open this page, you will usually find an error on it. Secondly, the live chat feature on the website is not really helpful. When you get a response to your question in less than a second, you know there is a robot on the other side. So, you think I love talking to a robot about how I lost my money to an online scammer? Thirdly, the response from the customer support is not really that quick. Even if you are trying to ask some generic questions, you will be answered pretty late, that is if they pick the call at all.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think I can recommend this company to anyone who has lost their money. When a scam takes away your hard-earned cash, you feel sick to your stomach. You feel helpless and any amount of help at that time is a blessing. But when those who are supposed to help you don’t seem to care, it can be quite a disheartening experience. The company should definitely work on improving its service. Otherwise, I think they have prepared for self-destruction from the way things stand right now.