is a scam!

There is no doubt that the internet offers a world of benefits to people. It has brought about a ton of conveniences in our daily lives and has made things simpler and easy for people, but this doesn’t mean that it is without its risks. You have probably heard of online scams, as they have become particularly rampant in the last few decades. As there is no central authority controlling the internet, it is easy for people to get away with fraudulent schemes in which they scam others out of their hard-earned money. It takes a simple search to find out hundreds of stories about people who have become victims of such schemes.

Some of the most common types of scams you will come across are binary options and crypto trading scams. Since these are lucrative activities, it is not surprising that many people want to trade binary options and cryptocurrencies and scammers have taken advantage of this eagerness to steal money. If you have been unfortunate enough to get scammed, then you are probably wondering if there is something that can be done. You just don’t want to sit back and accept that you have lost money, especially if there is a way out. Recovery services claim to provide scam victims a solution.

These companies are especially established to assist those who have been scammed in getting their funds back. There are some genuine recovery services out there that have helped victims in recovering their funds, but you will also come across stories of scam recovery services as well. Indeed, cybercriminals are using this opportunity as well and they lure in people with promises of helping them in recovering their money, only to scam them. This has made a lot of people wary and suspicious of these recovery services as well, including Winchargeback.

A quick look will show you that it is also a recovery service that promises to help you in getting your money back if you have been defrauded by a binary options or crypto trading scam. However, a quick look at this company will show you some warning signs that you should consider. These indicate that the company may not be a genuine one and is just another scam looking to take advantage. What are these warning signs? Let’s find out:

  • Lack of information about founders

To start with, any professional company would provide details about the people behind it and how it came to be. When you take a look at Winchargeback, you will come to know that they have used a pen name for referring to their founder. According to them, they have chosen not to disclose the real name and other details about the company to prevent scammers from hassling them, but this doesn’t make sense. If you want people to trust you, then you wouldn’t conceal this information and would be forthcoming with your potential clients. The fact that they have chosen to hide such essential information indicates that they cannot be trusted.

  • No details about the team

Another problem that you will come to see in the case of Winchargeback is that they don’t just conceal the information about their founders. They have also withheld information about their team. According to their website, they have a capable and professional team that promises a success rate of 82%, but who are these people? What are their backgrounds? What makes them capable of recovering funds? There are absolutely no answers provided and they expect you to just accept their word that they have a skilled and experienced team. This doesn’t sound plausible in this situation and is not something a genuine company would do.

  • Lack of procedural details and timelines

When you decide to use any service, you obviously want to know how it works. No one will just trust any company that makes big claims and doesn’t provide you any details of how things are done. Yet, this is exactly what Winchargeback expects you to do. They advertise themselves as a recovery service, but they don’t provide any details about how they go about recovering your funds.

It is understood that they don’t want to reveal the exact procedure because they don’t want competitors using their sources, but they can give a general idea to reassure their clients. But, they haven’t done any such thing and neither do they provide a timeline for when recovery will be made. This means it can take weeks, months or even years and even then, you may not get your money back. Are you willing to trust such a service? It would definitely be foolish to do so.

  • Plenty of spelling and grammatical mistakes

If you have dealt with a professional and legitimate company before, no matter what product or service they offer, you know that they pay great attention to detail. To them, their image and reputation is of the utmost importance, so they take appropriate steps to ensure no mistakes are made. It is a given that scams wouldn’t be willing to put in this much effort and this is exactly what you see when you check out Winchargeback. If you go through their website thoroughly, you will discover that it is full of spelling and grammatical mistakes.

The About page, along with the FAQ section are just a few of the pages you can check where such mistakes can be found and these are clear warning signs. A professional company will always proofread their content before publishing it and even if something does slip by, it will only be a mistake or too. However, when you take a look at Winchargeback’s website, you will find it riddled with such mistakes and errors, clearly indicating that they are only window dressing and not really interested in maintaining clients, or else they would have put in some effort.

In light of these warning signs, it is best for people to not use Winchargeback’s services when they have been scammed through a trading scheme and wish to recover their funds.