Despite the fact that the use of blockchains and decentralization masks all cryptocurrencies from outside attacks that are more common in the digital world where things are centralized and lack an operable blockchain. Exchanges, trading units, and other such resources, however, still rely on the common web and therefore are perceptible to a hacking attempt by malicious actors and cybercriminals out there. What has recently happened with cannot be taken as a normal hack.

The website was inoperable for hours and still is as it is undergoing maintenance to bring it back to full operation. was startled by an unknown group of hackers, and after the conception of the hack, there was a pop-up message appearing at the very top translating into that Bitcoin Foundation is finally giving back to the community and was urging people to click on it to see what happens. is an open-source website which means anyone can tap into the code and make changes the way they see fit, but at the end of the day, these changes would be scanned by a moderator or an administrator before these go live. Goes Offline

The giveaway proposed in the form of a pop-up was definitely a scam and was urging individuals to click on it. The etymology of this scam was to urge people to scan a QR code which would take them to a login page for their dedicated crypto wallets, and when they logged in, they would have to send a dedicated amount of crypto tokens to the address proposed within the QR code.

The message read that whatever amount a specific user sends through this, they will receive double the amount in due time. Some individuals, thinking that the popup is present on a reputable site, fell victim to this scam and sent almost $17K in funds. However, it is not sure that how many and who took part in this scam. These kinds of attacks not only ridicule the whole crypto community but heavily hit the very core initiative it has to make people confident and able to move their investment into this wagon.