The crypto scammers are getting smarter in their ways. Many media outlets and financial institutions are taking pains to educate their consumers about the new ways that scammers are trying to gain access to the personal details of the users. The main objective of the scammers is to break into the crypto wallets or bank accounts of a person so that they can steal their holdings and balance.

A cybersecurity expert in the Pittsburg city hailing from the state of Pennsylvania recently told media about a dangerous scheme perpetrated by threat actors. The local media outlet CBSN published a detailed report on the matter for the benefit of the locals. Albert Whale recently received an astonishing message on his private number that left him in a state of shock.

Albert Whale is the founder of IT Security Solutions in the USA. He recently told media reporters that scammers are using a dangerous trick to scam people. One morning he received a message from a private number stating that his account at PNC bank has been facing issues, and he needs to call back the given number to resolve the problems and verify his account.

Whale told reporters that he immediately understood that this was a scam attempt since he does not have an account at PNC bank. Using his cybersecurity skills, he proceeded to call the number to find out more about the scamming method. He told the media that the number took him to an automated message that asked him to insert his social security number after a pound sign.

Scammers Disguise Themselves as Bank Officials

The scammers did not stop at collecting the social security number only. They went on to procure the Debit or Credit card number that should not be shared with anyone. Whale also noted that the number that initiated with 415 digits had no connection with the PNC headquarters or any branch office of the bank. He also reported the scam to the financial regulatory bodies for further investigation.

With these types of sensitive information, the scammers can not only break into the real bank account of a user at their leisure, but they may also gain access to digital wallets. Many people have linked their custodial wallets with their bank accounts. Therefore, people need to verify all calls concerning bank dealings with the official numbers that are provided by the bank officials first.