There are hardly any people who do not like to play games online. Over the years, gaming laptops and custom PCs have become a huge market. However, many people are fond of going to dodgy places to find a pirated version of their favorite gaming franchise. This action does not happen without consequences. The crypto scammers lurking on these websites see this as a golden chance to make extra cash.

There are many questionable websites present on the internet which gamers can use to find cracked files and pirated gaming versions. The crypto scammers are filling these links with crypto-mining malware. The malware gets downloaded on the system of the users without their knowledge. As a consequence, the speed and the system processing power are compromised.

New Zealand and Australia are among the Largest Victims of Crypto Mining Frauds

According to the researchers at Avast cybersecurity, over 222,000 malware detections have been reported thus far worldwide. This huge number is the statistics since the beginning of the year and accounts for only those cases where the virus was detected by the premium upgrade. About 3000 PC users in Australia are suffering from malware, making it the largest affected place.

Meanwhile, more than 1000 cases have been diagnosed in New Zealand. On the whole, these two nations have infected systems in homes and offices that are mining cryptocurrencies for hackers. The victims take care of energy charges, and hackers enjoy free mining currencies. In addition, Avast claims that popular game franchises like Sims 4, Far Cry 5, GTA 5, Fallout 4, Jurassic World Revolution, and others are more likely to be spiked with malware. 

The internet has no borders. Therefore, one gaming site that could be accessed from one part of the world is also accessible to other users. Therefore, the malware related to fraudulent crypto mining is spreading like wildfire in the gaming community around the world. As per estimates, this malware has collectively mined more than $2 million worth of digital assets for threat actors.

India, Canada, France, UK, Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Greece, and the USA are the countries where most cases are reported. The malware is named Crackonosh. Daniel Benes from Avast claims that scammers may be creating more sites with cracked gaming software to attract more victims. It is a losing deal for the downloaders who would not keep up with the hardware damages and energy costs that increase due to the virus. It is best to buy this software from their official distributors.