Milos Rajkovic is a professional artist and painter hailing from Serbia. He has a great number of followers around the world and has been able to exhibit his work at many national and international art display events. He recently told the media that some scammers have stolen his work and selling them online. He was first alerted by the idea when he witnessed NFT artwork looking like his work trending online.

Upon a quick investigation of the incident, he was able to track down the scammer on OpenSea. OpenSea is one of the most popular NFT marketplaces in the world. The scammers were able to mint his artwork under a false name and sell them for as high a price as $50K per piece.

The concept of NFT is new for many artists, and therefore a massive number of artists who are not familiar with this space have yet to explore this avenue. In the same manner, Serbian artist Milos Rajkovic who goes by the name of Sholim, has not made any NFT based artwork thus far.

Therefore, when he found the fake accounts on OpenSea that were selling his artwork, he was prompted to take action. With the help of the OpenSea management, he was able to put an end to the scammer’s account. However, he reported later on that the same scammers have gone on to open up another fake account that also features artwork stolen from him.

Hackers are Selling Stolen Artwork on NFT Marketplaces

The cyber security expert from Cambridge, England-Max Heinemeyer, recently told the media that many hackers have also stolen artwork from the cloud storage and hard drives of real artists. He further added that in a real museum, the thieves have to deal with guards and state of the art security systems to get to the high-valued artwork.

Meanwhile, scammers with hacking skills can break the personal laptops and other mediums like social media accounts of successful artists. It is fairly easy to make a copy of the stolen artwork and mint it under a false name with the help of any decentralized NFT marketplace. He further added that due to this new scam, the real artists are losing their credibility, and they are also unable to make any money for the work that they have created.