Italian police have taken action on local fraudsters who are selling fake COVID-19 health passes on telegram in exchange for cryptocurrency. These passes were allegedly presented to thousands of people before the law caught up to their fraudulent schemes. The only tipping thing for police was that this specific group or organization was only asking for crypto-oriented payments in exchange for a health pass. When this news spread on social media like wildfire, police took action and closed down 32 different telegram groups that were giving away fake health passes to almost thousands of people.

This paints a rather harsh picture that people are too fed up with the consistent lockdown, being asked again and again by the government to vaccinate themselves and other COVID-19 oriented scenarios that they are willing to pay in cryptocurrency to acquire fake COVID-19 health passes by illegal means. The authenticity of these fake certificates could not be brought into consideration as to what extent this certificate was applicable or valid in contrast to a government-issued certificate. But one thing is sure that many people did buy this fake certificate to get police and law-abiding authorities off of their backs.

Citizens to Avoid Strict Government Laws

The real reason why people are so desperate to get their hands on even the forged certificate is that the Italian government has imposed serious laws and regulations in place, stopping the civilians from being in open places such as gyms, cinemas, or restaurants without showing their health card. That is why people are trying their hard to get one at any price necessary because their freedom is at stake.

This might seem like a reasonable thing to do by the government, but it is truly not something that people like very much at the moment; the overall response remains negative to this situation. This very attitude of people towards government trying to do what’s best for them needs to change, and the state needs to understand the concerns many people have in relation to the COVID-19 vaccine and ease down some of these restrictions for places where the gathering is expected, the use of masks and social distancing should be practiced rather than stopping people from entering in there at all.