A new article published in BBC reveals the tale of a heinous cybercrime practice going on in Kenya. The popular journalist Waihiga Mwaura received a call from one of his doctor friends inquiring about a Bitcoin-related investment opportunity. To the dismay of Mwaura, he realized that his friend had fallen victim to a years-old crypto scam. The scammers in question are using the name of A-list celebrities like Mwaura and actors to entrap more people.

According to the journalist, he and other celebrities have been trying to raise awareness about this scam with their social media accounts. However, scammers keep changing the website addresses and rise again from time to time. These fake websites are littered with fabricated testimonies and endorsements of local influencers. The unsuspecting victims who are fans or followers of these influencers end up putting their money into the fraud schemes.

American Citizen Arrested by Kenya’s Police on the Matter of Bitcoin-related Ponzi Scheme

The same type of crypto scam resurfaced once again with a new professional-looking fake website. The scam website invited investors to earn awards for inviting others. A lot of people send scam website links to their friends and family groups. When a person gets a referral from their acquaintances, they are less likely to raise an eyebrow.

The scam application also announced rewards to people for storing their money. A lot of people went on to transfer a significant amount of their money online. However, one day the users woke up to realize that the application was deleted from the play store without any warnings or explanation. Many investors quickly took to social media to petition for action against the website operators. 

Scammer Application Claims to have Ties with Amazon Webstore Services

To make the scam look more elaborate, the scammers selected the Amazon Web Worker for their scam application. The application claimed to have been affiliated with Amazon that is a known brand and a retail giant. However, in reality, the application has nothing to do with Amazon or any of its affiliate service providers.

The 50-year US citizen was taken into custody when she landed in Nairobi from America. Some investors are reassured that the arrest would lead to investigation and open up a chance for them to recover their money. The law enforcement authorities of Kenya have charged the suspect with cyber-fraud and money laundering schemes. Further investigation into a matter is still underway.