The first point of interception of a massive cross-border crypto scam started when German police came into action. When reports of a 7 million euro scam were reported by locals of Germany, the police agency started to investigate the matter. According to the complaints of several victims in the region, the threat actors had set up an exchange platform for defrauding people. 

After the first arrests took place, the investigation spread rather than coming to a close. Soon, the network of the threat actors spanned to other regions like Israel, Poland, Bulgaria, Sweden, and North Macedonia. The German police authorities contacted Europol to help them investigate and confiscate the massive scam business operations. A huge amount of property, cash, vehicles, jewelry, and electronic devices were taken into custody. 

Europol Arrests Five Criminals Behind the Setup and Claims that the Scam Originates from Israel

According to the reports by Europol, the threat actors were based in Israel. They set up a call center and a fake crypto investment website. The scam website was dealing with high-risk digital assets. The website was made to look professional, and it used manipulated software to present fake marketplace statistics for the digital assets. Threat actors would entice the people by contacting them from their call centers.

They would also try to encourage the investors to put more money into the fake operations by showing them wrong results. The criminal group had enough resources to post social media advertisements and run search engine paid promotions. At the front, the threat actors presented themselves as experienced brokers. The legal authority further added that the scam was headquartered in Israel.

A Sophisticated Crypto Scam Looted around 30 Million Euros from Different Regions of Europe

The first action revealed a scam that raked in about 7 million euros from German citizens. However, the cross-border branches of the scammers managed to rake in about 30 million euros. Only in Spain, more than 300 complaints against the con artists were registered. The Europol officers claim that it is very important to register a complaint against such incidents.

The threat actors were able to move around their illicit profits from one place to another with the help of bank accounts. These accounts were opened in the name of shell companies. Europol also used its in-house criminal database to find more leads in the cases. The law enforcement agency issued a statement a month ago claiming that Europe is at a breaking point due to the increasing numbers of sophisticated cybercrimes.