LITI Capital is a financial, legal service company based in Switzerland. The organization has recently broken into the crypto space by launching two tokens. The first Liti Token is available for users only at the official LITI Capital website. While the wrapped token called wLITI is available for trading at the Uniswap. This is a revolutionary start of the services that are available for investors of all scales to give them rights to fight against the massive crypto scams.

By buying into the dual tokens, the investors would have an equity stake in the legislative company. When the holders want to sue a blockchain project for conducting a mass scam, they would be able to gather others and start a class action lawsuit. Before the current innovation, the power of legally reprimanding lawsuits was only available to wealthy investors.

Buy LITI Dual Tokens to Make Sure Security Against the Wildly Running Crypto Scams at Large

A recent survey from a banking firm in the UK claims that a massive number of crypto scams took place on exchange platforms like Binance and Kraken. However, it is widely known that once a user loses their money, it becomes almost impossible to get it back. The highly potent cases are picked by financial firms due to the expectations of a massive settlement or fine amount. 

On the contrary, the small fry remains without any apparatus or tools at their disposal to gather more traction on their case. With the help of the LITI Token purchase, the investors would be able to create a safety net around them. In case a project attempts a rug pull or any other type of scam, the investors can file a complaint and access the legal assistance that an established firm like LITI Capital provides. The firm plans to lock in about $1.2 million on Uniswap for the next 36 months.

LITI Token Owners are Required to Pass the KYC Registration Requirement

Those who are willing to buy LITI tokens would be able to enjoy an 80 percent share in the distributed dividends. However, they are required to fulfill the KYC compliance regulations and disclose their legal information. Meanwhile, buyers of the wLITI token would not have to go through the KYC requirements and would have an option to generate liquidity by staking their tokens.

At present, the Litigation assets on the firm are valued over $200 million. Both tokens would be useful for reporting crypto scams and starting a class-action lawsuit. The token has been created under the supervision of Jamie Delgado, who is the co-founder and holds a Ph.D. in electronics engineering.